About Leisa

I am very passionate about Homeopathy principles “similar cures similar”.  It’s so wonderful to know that we have at our resources a natural medicine, which is potentized, and can treat all levels of diseases & emotional conditions.

I gained full qualifications as a Homeopath “Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy”, registered with the Australian Registration of Homeopathy, Member of the Australian Homeopathy Association.

Dream Analysis is another passion of mine, since I had been having so many myself and soon realized that they were messages, the subconsciousness awakening the conscience to take action. I soon discovered that I had been helping many others with their dreams and it very much compliments Homeopathy treatments as well.

It brings me great delight in seeing positive results of the treatment given, either from Homeopathy medicine, Reiki, or Dream Analysis,  as this is very much a team working together to bring a balance back into their lives.