Dream Analysis

What I do is to bring about the understanding of your dream or dreams from your sleeping state to you.

This is done through communication and asking about events surrounding you and what has been happening in your life.

In my discussions with you, I have found that once you know the meaning or  become aware of  the true meaning. That in itself can be the healing point or the beginning of  healing the cause of the problem, to the reoccurring dreams or nightmares.

I offer you different tools, Homeopathy Remedy or Australian Bush Flower Essence to deal with the feelings of the dreams and give new views of how you see your dream or interpret them.

Dreams could be from being in a new environment, or even growing up, or a trauma happening at school in some form, including exams.

In my work of homeopathy as well as my life experiences, I have recognized that dreams are very individual, even though you may have the meaning to the symbols, there’s a story that is being told you in your language.

Dreams are an amazing way for communicating to ourselves, they have even helped us to overcome our fears or anxieties that have been experienced in everyday life.
I became interest in my dreams after I had recurring dreams that were set off by a trauma in my family and from this I went looking for answers.

This is usually what happens with many people, when there is a change in their environment in some way which provokes the dreams to occur, but mainly to be remembered.
Dreams can be the in terror, fun, anxiousness, rainbows, flying, and many more symbols. They can be broken down into categories, i.e. premonitions, past events, symbols, healing tools, astral traveling, & messages to you.

There are many books out now giving wonderful ideas for the symbols that we are given in the dream, and I have found these to be a good guide for you to figure what is the meaning.

Dreams that we remember are there to highlight to you a message, this could be of something you need in your diet, or to highlight to you of a health problem.  To help you resolve a problem with dealing with a personal matter;

i.e. a difficulty that you are having with your work mate or boss,friend, family which  could raise your anxieties.

It is incredible to think that we have other aspects of ourselves that will give us messages to what is needed for yourself.