With Homeopathy we treat the symptoms, not the name of the disease

What is Homeopathy, it is a complete system of medicine develop by a German physician & chemist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). This came about after working in hospitals & he became disgruntled with the way medicine was causing further harm. He discovered that if you use a substance (herb) in full strength, it could cause hallucinations, toxic poisoning or simply very ill for a few days. He then started to dilute the substances and tested these  on himself, friends & family. He soon realised that it was producing wellness in the person. He took this theory further used the principle of “Similar cures Similar”.

For example, coffee simulates the nervous system and the production of urine. A Homeopathic dose of coffee can cure a patient troubled with unusual mental activity and sleeplessness together with excessive production of urine.

What does a visit involve: I ask many questions about your health complaint. I listen intently in what you say and how you feel about things, life, yourself as this is all relevant to obtaining a medicine that is suited to you. Other questions would be of diet, sleep, lifestyle, medical history, even what type of weather you like.I always look for a cause; when did this  begin, what was happening in your life at the time. The 1st consultation could take up to about 2 hours, and then next visits an hour.

Homeopathy is a very individualized treatment as you are unique and the medicine that is prescribed for you is similar to you are your health condition. I always look for a cause; when did this  begin, what was happening in your life at the time.

The medicines are made from natural substances only, such as plants, minerals, metals, animals. These are then diluted and then potentised so that the actual substance can not longer be detected, but the energy is there of the substance. As we are part of nature in many ways, this is why the medicine works so effectively on us.

The prescribed medicines can be given in form of liquids or granules, and doses are clearly marked.

Side Effects? There are no toxic side effects from Homeopathic medicines. Sometimes there is an immediate improvement. Sometimes the healing begins with an increased feeling of well being, even though the symptoms still remain for a day or two. In some cases old health problems recur as part of the healing process.

Who can use Homeopathic Medicine? Everyone from newly born Babies to the very elderly can use Homeopathy medicine, even if you are pregnant or taking conventional medicines.

Can it work with other Medication? It can work the medication that you are currently taking, please ensure that you inform your practitioner of being treated by a Homeopath and maybe later you may wish to reduce the conventional  medicine after you have consulted with your GP.

What Does Homeopathy Treat? stress, mood swings, sleep problems, phobias, anxiety, depression, addictions, physical traumas, shock, coughs, colds, flu symptoms, teething, colic, stomach problems, allergies, food sensitivities, headaches, menstrual problems, menopause, arthritis, gout, kidney stones, liver problems, constipation, gastric problems, achy joints, skin irritations, breast feeding difficulties, fears, and many more symptoms.