Consultation fees:

Homeopathy Treatment AdultsInitial Consultation of approx 2 hours – $135.00.

In this time we discuss ‘your health history’, family disease’s, and gaining knowledge of a probable  cause of when you health changed, this includes one medicine.

Following Homeopathy Treatmentsconsultations for 1 hour – $80.00.

This is requested after the initial visit which I would then see you   in about 3-4 weeks, depending on treatment.

Children’s Rates Only: First Consultation – 1 1/2 hours- $100.00                                                                                                                                          Follow Up Visits 1/2 Hour – $40.00

Treatment Plan or Follow up visits are always a good to do, especially in the beginning of treatment.

Eftpos and Health Rebates available

Dream Analysis1 hour Session –  $80.00

Reiki: 1 hour Session –  $80.00.

Remedies $15.00 each

Australian Bush Flower Essences $15.00 ea.

Half hour consultations for Homeopathy first aid treatments: $40.00.

Homeopathy First Aid Kits (20Remedies) $90.00 ea. “Displayed in a leather carry case”

Pensioners $10.00 off & if you have private health, rebates are available; please check with your private health provider.