Initially I came to see Leisa because of a painful reoccurring bladder infection and I was sick of taking more antibiotics.

After one & 1/2 hours of consultation, where Leisa listened intently and asked lots of questions, she pointed out the real cause of my repeated cystitis in my underlying emotional state (I was p….. off) by interpreting one of my dreams.

Wow, I was blown away and understood immediately the connection to my problem. The remedy she then administered took away my painful symptoms the same day. A pathology report later confirmed the infection had cleared.

With a follow up treatment and remedy, Leisa helped me to clear my emotional issue and I haven’t had a bladder infection since (now more than 3 years). Thank you so much Leisa.”

R. R Landsborough

Thank you Leisa for coming into my life, you have assisted me greatly in my healing process.

I also want to compliment you for your excellent Homeopathic First Aid Kit.
It is so easy to use and has become indispensable in our home, always ready day and night for those emergencies, offering instant relief.

I am so grateful you introduced me to homeopathic medicines.

R, Pelican Waters

I had heard of Leisa Rocker’s work with healing and Homeopathic treatments. I decided to visit Leisa to see if she could prevent the tumor growing back.

Leisa helped me discover the source of why I got the tumor in the first place. This stemmed for a traumatic childhood experience and past relationships form thin onwards. Leisa helped me to face these issues, to forgive and let go.

A month later I went for a pap smear and the results came back negative – no cancerous cells. Not only did Leisa’s treatment rid me of these cancerous cells, my whole body became balanced. I had previously suffered painful menstrual cycles, constant blocked nose, irregular bowel habits, nightmares, sleepless nights, found it difficult to communicate socially and had a series of bad relationships.

I now have none of the above symptoms and am in a wonderful, fulfilling relationship.

I feel like I’ve had a fresh start.

I know you, yourself have to be ready to be healed with Leisa’s help, it was like she was an Angel lighting the way.

Reb, Mapleton