Virus Detoxing

September 13, 2016

This has come about from when my clients have done really well on relieving many symptoms of their complaint, and yet there seemed to be a block that was hindering the outcome of better health.

Every person has had some form of Virus in their life, although the difference can come in, if they were aware of being ill, possibly thinking that they were run down from all the work and stresses that had been occurring at that time.

The symptoms may present as: lack of energy, depression, anxiety, muscle pains, joint pain, recurrent flues, slow healing, foggy brain, poor concentration or swollen lymph glands.

The virus’s that may  be hidden are Epstein Barr Virus, Cytomegalovirus, Ross River Fever & Herpes Virus

These may leave you with a life time of of Pain & Discomfort, Swellings, Skin Rashes, Inflammation of Joints, Inflammations, Stiffness & Fatigue

This May Be Linked To a Chronic Autoimmune Disease

You can Detox Your System with Homeopathy Medicines, which are best suited to you only. This program can last for a month to 3 months depending on the person. Dietary recommendations will also compliment the outcome. Australian Bush Flower Essence will also support you in this program as with any detox there are locked emotions that are released during the duration of the detox.

“Even I have done this Detox and I felt so much better and the compliments I received by strangers and relatives were beautiful plus since then I have been able to lose those extra few kilos”.

What to Expect from the Detox: More Energy, Clear Thinking, Less Pain, Better Relationships, Ability to Manage Stressful Situations & Sense of Wellness.





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